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TOK Essay

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Rubrics & Information (Downloads)

Excellent overview of the TOK Essay. Very good suggestions and ANSWERS (!) about citations, tone, format, & style


You may select any one of the six, but please note that some are much harder than others.


IB document that explains what the essay is, role of the student, role of the teacher, and general guidelines.


The Full IB Rubric for the TOK Essay.


Same info as the IB Rubric but in a easier to manage format


          A brief overview from IB about knowledge issues. 


          Helpful in planning out your thought process. 


          Some interesting ideas from an IB Biology teacher in Indonesia.   


Exemplars with Commentary


BTHS Examples


BTHS Exemplars Comments
Essay 1 Score: 31. Strong voice in the essay. A good example of synthesis of course content and with real world concepts.  
Essay 2 Score: 35. Very well-rounded essay. Good diversity of examples. Probably one of the best conclusion to a TOK essay that I have read.  
Essay 3 Score: 31. Strong Essay. Well organized, written, and argued. However, it crams in a lot examples and research at the expense of personal voice
Essay 4 Score: 35. Very concise essay. One of the more difficult prompts. Concepts are clearly explained and almost all with novel and diverse examples.  


Grade Boundaries - May 2014

Grade Range
A 28-40
B 22-27
C 16-21
D 9-15
E 0-8


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